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Term of confidentiality

1. Confidential Information

By completing the form, the individual is aware that he or she may receive confidential, confidential and personal information from representatives of Saturno V. This information may be sent by Saturno V representatives by e-mail, correspondence, telephone, teleconference or any other means of communication. By submitting the form and accepting these terms, the individual agrees not to reproduce, distribute, disclose or in any way make public the information received, whether explicitly designated as confidential or not. In addition, the individual will not pass on the information received to any other person, whether privately or publicly.

2. Privacy Policy

The information sent through the form will be used exclusively by the Saturno V service team, and its disclosure or sharing is prohibited. The user who has contact with representatives of Saturno V has a similar duty not to disclose any information of a personal, business or commercial nature about the activities carried out.

3. Legal Resources

In case of non-compliance with the above duties, an indemnity corresponding to the damage caused will be arbitrated by the Market Arbitration Chamber.


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