“Gosto imenso do Sigma Teste porque considero que em muitas questões precisa-se tanto inteligência como imaginação para resolvê-las.”

Comment sent by Petri Widsten, from Finland, is Regent of Unicorn High IQ Society (IQ>180), member of Sigma Society VI (IQ above 196), Pi Society (IQ>176), ISI-S (IQ>151), Glia Society (IQ>150) and Mensa-Finland (IQ>132). Petri is holder a Ph.D. Summa Cum Laudein Chemistry (Helsinki University of Technology) and win the prize 2003-2004 of the best Ph.D. thesis in Finland. He speaks fluently 9 languages, 2nd. Highest Score in "Mensa International Contest 2001", 1st. Place on X-Test Contest, among 2nd. and 6th. Place in "Smartest Person of the World Contest" by International High IQ Society. More about Petri. See also his comment on the new norm of the Sigma Test here.